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The NAFL consists of fourteen franchises located throughout the United States. One team is even located in Italy. The two divisions in the NAFL are the National, and American. Each team plays a rugged fourteen game regular season schedule to determine their division champion. After the regular season the three division champions and five wildcard teams face each other in the NAFL playoffs. Two teams will come out as winners of either the All-American Trophy or the U.S. National Trophy. They will then compete in the North American Bowl to determine the NAFL Champion.
In the NAFL all franchises compete in the playoffs. The teams that don't make the regular playoffs compete in the NAFL Toilet Bowl Tournament. The winner of this "Toilet Bowl" gets the first round pick in next year's annual league draft.

In 1996 three teams decided to change the names of their franchises. The Crusaders became the Gladiators, the Red Dogs became the Knights and the Slaughterhouse 7 became the Gambler's and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.  In 1998 the Mudfish changed their name to the Mud Sharks.  Meanwhile, the Rebels were sold to a new owner and renamed the Stampede.

During our 10th anniversary year brought some changes to the league.  The Stampede became the Marauders and the Wildcats were sold to a new group of investors and moved to Arizona. The new team was called the Parrotheads.

The new era of NAFL began with the 2000 season. The divisions combined to form two Conferences, the American and National. A new ownership & franchises included the Steel and new ownership for the Samurais and Marauders. A new schedule where all teams played each other once also began in the year 2000.  In 200,1 the Steel became the Invaders and the Samurais changed ownership again.  In 2002 the Blizzards and Samurais combined to form the "NEW" Samurais and we added a new franchise called the Jackals. In 2003, the death of owner Jim Shaw led to the Samurais being turned over to the former Blizzards owner. Who hence, changed the name to the  Springfield Atoms. Also, the Parrotheads closed up shop and the Rising Eagles began. In 2005, the Jackals became the Legionares and moved to Sacramento.

In 2006 saw a change in the NAFL. Longtime owners of the Desert Storm / Felines Joe Reed and Jeff Klinghammer closed up shop. The Atoms also decided that they had enough. So the Mud Sharks moved to the American Division to be with their East Coast brothers. Meanwhile two new teams came into the league from the West Coast the Raiders and the Ironmen.

In 2007, the NAFL lost the WharfRats, Marauders and Gamblers and the NAFL went to a 12 team league. In losing the Gamblers the NAFL lost one of the orginal franchises in the NAFL. Currently only the Centaurs, Heroes and Stallions are still in existence from that first year. The NAFL did add the Any Given Sunday to make 12 teams. In 2008, the NAFL lost the Rising Eagles who won the 2003 NAFL Chmapionship and Ironmen. The NAFL also added two new teams with the the Golden Eagles and the Masters of the Universe. Also in 2008, longtime Commissioner Kevin Shaw, stepped down and former owner Keith Shaw became the NAFL's first Independent Commissioner. Kevin is still an owner of the Stallions and is the league secretary, treasurer and Webmaster.

With the 2009 Season we celebrate our 20th NAFL Season with a draft in Reno, Nevada. A great 20 years of NAFL football. In 2010 we did it again in Reno! In the 2011 Season the Golden Eagles changed owners to the Golden Vikings.

The2012 season brought more change as the Raiders went away and became the Average Joes. Two new expansion teams God's of Guru and Flen Fly's came into the league as the NAFL went back to being a 14 team league.

* - Orginal Franchise Owner of the NAFL!

The Commish!

AMERICAN CONFERENCE "NAFL East - The Conference of Champions"
Chaz's Centaurs *

Owner: Charlie Clock 
Mascot: Larry the Angry Centaur
Motto: "It's a good day to die."
Favorite Team: No longer have a favorite NFL team, the Centaurs are now my only concern.
Favorite Player: Steve Young, carried the Centaurs to 4 bowls and three championships.
Rivals: don't feel I have any, since I draft with the guys from the NAFL east and we seem to always play each other in the playoffs and NAFL bowl, it's usually pretty friendly.

Jack Kent Cooke Stadium, Washington, DC 

Four NAFL Championships!!
(1993, 1994, 1997, 2002)

Owners Bio: Employed by the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services as a supervisor in Bureau of Identification. Interests-fantasy football (obviously), all sports, music (just began pickin' the banjo, yee haa), motorcyles (ride a '86 Goldwing), visual arts-various mediums from pen and ink to airbrush(motorcycles, boats, helmets, even an airplane) 

COMMISH NOTE: Chaz drew the orginal helmet emblems for the NAFL!

Hoggin's Heroes *
The Best Team in the NAFL

GM: Ken Hoggins 
Mascot: Yellow Dog
Motto: There is only one goal. Win!
Favorite Team: Rams
Favorite Player: If he is a Hero and scores this week, then he is my favorite player
Centaurs, Wharf Rats, Stallions, Knights

Woodstock Mudbowl, Saugerties NY 

Seven NAFL Championships!! 
(1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2009, 2010)

Owners Bio: One of the original owners of the NAFL and has had unparallel success in the NAFL. Every owner knows that the NAFL Championship must go through the MudBowl. 

Clark's Mud Sharks

Owner: Jim Clark
Mascot: The Mud Shark
Motto: Eat all opponents
Favorite Team: New England Patriots
Favorite Player: Any Mud Shark
Rivals: Heroes, Wharf Rats, Blizzards (Samurais)

Riverbottom Stadium, Gulf of Mexico

"The Toughest place to play in the NAFL" 

Owners Bio: Jim was brought into the league by Kevin's brother Keith when he owned the Blizzards. In his first year as the Mud Fish he won it all. After a few years of struggle he changed the name to the Mud Sharks to add some bite. Jim is always near the top of the standings every year. He is also the Conference President.

1995 & 2011 NAFL Champs


LEGIONAIRES2 Curr's Legionaires  

Owner: Steve Curr
Mascot: Julius Ceasar
Motto: Veni, Vidi, Vici
Favorite Team: 49ers, Notre Dame Fighting Irish!
Favorite Player: Joe Montana
Rivals: Everyone in the NAFL

Legionaire Field, Sacramento, CA


Owners Bio: Steve came in the league in 2005, replacing the Jackals. Steve has been doing fantasy football for quite awhile and has had early success taking on the old pro's in the NAFL.


Levy's Leave it to Revis


Owner: Patrick Levy

Mascot: Derrelle Revis

Motto: Be like Revis Island
Favorite Team: NY Jets
Favorite Player: Derrelle Revis
Rivals: Heroes, Stallions

Meadowlands Staduim, Meadowlands, NJ 

Rist's Masters of the Universe

Owner: Matt Rist

Mascot: He-Man

Motto: Defeat Skeletor
Favorite Team:None
Favorite Player: None
Rivals: Heroes

The Dome, Boston, MA 

Grainger's Gods of Guru

Owner:Mark Grainger

Mascot: Zeus
Motto: The Inspirational Marketer
Favorite Team: None yet
Favorite Player:None yet
Rivals: None yet

Alaska Dome, Anchorage, Alaska

Owners Bio: Mark is a friend of Kevin's and bowls with him on Monday Nights. Mark is the Inspirational Marketer and is inspired to defeat all teams in the NAFL.

NATIONAL CONFERENCE "NAFL West - The Dominating Conference"

Hibl's Gladiators

Owner: Rob Hibl

Mascot: Maximus's Army
Motto: Hail emperor those who are about to die salute you.
Favorite Team: 49ers
Favorite Player: Shuan Alexander
Rivals: Knights, Stallions, Heroes & Storm

The "New" Roman Coliseum, Rome, Italy 

Owners Bio: School with Commish, Married college Sweetheart, Girl 4 Boy 2 & 1 on the way. Own a coffee roasting company in Park City, Utah. Need to retire in 10 years to start life goal of sailing around the world.

  2004 NAFL Champions 

Geck's Invaders

Owner: Phil Geck
Mascot: Invaders don't need any Mascots
Motto: "Just Win Baby!"
Favorite Teams: Oakland Raiders and A's
Favorite Player: Anybody from the old Raiders
Rivals: Any team that gets in my way to the championship!

Frank Youell Field, Oakland, CA

* - If you do not know where Frank Youell Field is then you are not a Raider fan!

Owners Bio: Phil is a neighbor of Kevin's and is a big time Raider fan and grew up in and lived in Oakland.

Martin's Knights

Owner: Derrick Martin

Mascot: King Arthur
Motto: If you don't perform, your out of here!
Favorite Team: 49ers
Favorite Player: Jerry Rice
Rivals: Gladiators, Stallions, Heroes

Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA 

Owners Bio: Derrick is the "Al Davis" of the NAFL and knows the art of the deal. In his initial year in the NAFL he won it all. Since then he has struggled to make it back. Derrick is always making deals that sometimes work and sometimes don't.
"The royalty of the NAFL"
Four NAFL Championships
(1992, 2005, 2006, 2007)

Fornoles Golden Vikings

Owner:Roger Fornoles

Mascot: Ragnar

Motto: Draft those Vikings
Favorite Team: Vikings
Favorite Player:Any Viking
Rivals:Stallions & Knights

Metrodome, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Owners Bio: Roger took over the Golden Vikings from the Golden Eagles in 2011. Roger is a big Viking fan and is an IT Auditor and used to work with Kevin.




Dickey's Average Joes
Owner: Paul Dickey

Mascot:Have no fear, Underdog is here!
Motto:You're perfect just the way you are
Favorite Team: 49ers
Favorite Player: Johnny Unitas
Rivals: Globo-Gym

Average Joe's Gym, Sacramento, CA

Owners Bio: Paul Dickey is the great grandson of Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger.
















Shaw Stallions

Owner: Kevin Shaw
Co-Owner: Veronica Shaw
Offensive Coordinator: Molly Shaw
Mascot: The Wonderhorse
Motto: The Team of Champions
Favorite Teams: Dallas Cowboys & SJ Sharks
Favorite Player: Roger Staubach
Rivals: Every team in the NAFL but mostly, the Heroes, Knights, Centaurs, & Gladiators

Cowboys Staduim, Arlington, Texas

Owners Bio: Kevin is the Commissioner of the NAFL and has been playing Fantasy Football since high school in 1984. He is the founder of the league and has been in several Fantasy League. Often called the "Scallions" the Stallions are one of the three original franchises in the league and is one of the toughest teams to beat in the NAFL.. 

1990 NAFL Champions

Texas Stadium, Dallas, Texas  (1990 - 2010)

Huyhn's Flen Flys

Owner:David Huyhn
Mascot: McFlyy

Motto: Sans Limites
Favorite Team: Raiders
Favorite Player: Bo Jackson
Rivals: All takers

Staduim: The Birds Nest, San Jose, CA

Owners Bio: Ratified to join the NAFL in 2012. David and the Flen Fly's has a committment to excellence or just win baby, attitude. A newcomer with a 'we believe' attitude and love for fantasy football. 




Paquette's Gamblers

Owner: Bob Paquette
Mascot: Las Vegas Showgirls
Motto: Let it Ride!
Favorite Team: Buffalo Bills
Favorite Player: Peyton Manning
Rivals: Heroes, Stallions, Desert Storm

Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas, Nevada 


"1998 National Division Champs" 

Owners Bio: Bob bought the former Slaughterhouse 7 and tried to turn things around. But once he moved the team to the desert and Las Vegas he did have some success.


Packen's Marauders
Owner: Bob Packen
Mascot: My Golden Retriever "Dallas"
Motto: Win at all cost
Favorite Team: Cowboys
Favorite Player: TO
Rivals: Wharf Rats

Cotton Bowl Stadium, Dallas, TX 


" Trying to make it work in New England"

Owners Bio: Bob is related to the Wharf Rats owner, John Minigiello.  He has done well, but seeks the ultimate prize the NAFL championship!

Minigiello's Wharf Rats

Owner: John Minigiello
Mascot: The River Rat
Motto: "Beware of the Rat Attack"
Favorite Team: NY Giants
Favorite Player: Anybody that's a Rat!
Rivals: Heroes, Centaurs, Marauders

Giants Staduim, Meadlowlands, NJ 


2000 & 2002 Conference Champs

Owners Bio: John is the conference president and lives in the greater New England Area. John is infamous for the saying you don't win on draft day but you can lose.



Fiorentini's Rising Eagles

Owner: Jim Fiorentini
Mascot: The Rising Eagle
Motto: Eagles will soar above the rest
Favorite Team: SF 49ers
Favorite Player: Anybody that helps the Niners win!
Rivals: The World and the Stallions

Kezar Staduim, San Francisco, CA 


Owners Bio: Jim is a new owner in the NAFL and this is his first fantasy football team. He is friend of Kevin's and is a fellow warrant officer in the Army. Born and raised in San Francisco and is a a longtime 49er fan and has season tickets. 

2003 NAFL Champions

Stabile Ironmen

Owner: Nick Stabile
Motto: Men of Iron, Will or Iron
Mascot: Cheerleaders
Favorite Team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Favorite Player: Big Ben

Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA


Owners Bio: Nick is a former owner who took the Stabile Steel to the North American Bowl only to lose to the Heroes. Nick is back managing the Ironmen for the 2006 season. Time will tell if this franchise will do well or fall.


Rickshaw's Samurais *

Team Owner: Jim Shaw
Crew Chief: Keith Shaw
Mascot: Samurai Warriors Racing Team
Team Driver: Mark Martin
Motto:"The end is important in all things. If things end badly, all good that may come before it will be erased."
Favorite Teams: Any Florida Team, Bronco's, NY Yankees and the Detroit Red Wings
Rivals: Stallions, Heroes, Mud Sharks

Daytona Raceway Park,  Daytona, FL


"The only football stadium that also hosts auto racing!"

Owners Bio: Keith and Jim have been long time NAFL owners. They have combined their skills to bring the success of NASCAR to the NAFL. Keith used to own the Blizzards and Jim has struggled with the Samurais.

Khanna's Any Given Sunday 

Owner: Avi Khanna and Andrew O'Brien
Favorite Team:
Favorite Player:
Rivals: Heroes

Gillette Staduim, Foxboro, MA 

Cox's Golden Eagles 

Owner: Jim Cox
Mascot: Cheerleaders

Favorite Team:
Favorite Player: Jerry Rice

The Birds Nest, Sacramento, CA 

Owners Bio: Jim works with Kevin at the Golden 1 and has played fantasy football in the past.

Foerstler & Reagan Raiders 
Co-Owner: Steve Foerstler
Co-Owner: Kevin Reagan
Mascot: Hooter Girls
Motto: Just Win!
Favorite Teams: Steve and Kevin Are Raider Fans
Favorite Players: Gotta be a Raider
Rivals: Anybody that gets in our way!

LA Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA  


Owners Bio: Steve used to work with Kevin at the USDA. He and Kevin are big Raider Fan's along with his buddy Kevin who helps in the management of the team. This is Steve's second year in fantasy football and is learning the ropes. But looks forward to the day in hoisting the trophy above his head.



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